Project Methodology

Our approach as Development Managers & Builders of developments is to deliver all our projects using our expertise gained through our extensive knowledge of the industry. We will at all times remain flexible to the project and ensure it is delivered on time & budget for all parties.

Understanding some projects are at different stages we can offer a variety of services to suit the individual project at its current stage. The following outlines our methodology to get the project to completion.

  • Take the project through the Planning process from inception or from planning permit stage through to getting endorsed drawings from Council
  • Complete & co-ordination checks of all ‘Construction’ documents and ensure they meet the project requirements & associated permits
  • Manage the project for the client and create the building contract and the financial requirements as required by the project
  • Liaise with the Funder on the construction program to ensure that the target dates & milestones are met
  • Arrange all pre-construction requirements are met paying particular attention to the Funders provisions
  • Liaise with the Building Surveyor to ensure all Building Permit requirements are met and that it is in accordance with the Planning Permit
  • At each milestone inspect & report on the stage of works to ensure they are conforming to the project requirements & Building Permit
  • Review all project documentation, site management plans, strategic programming & construction methodology to ensure the best practices are being adopted for the project
  • Total project reporting & administration throughout the project including RFI’s, assessing variations, budgets and the ongoing cash flow requirements
  • Asses the end of month progress claims with the QS to ensure the progress payments are in accordance with works completed on site for cost to complete
  • Asses and resolve any project variations that evolve or scope change items involving cost increases and seek approval from the client
  • Manage the OH&S provisions of the project including SWMS and reviewing monthly OH&S reports from the Builder
  • Complete with the architects & consultants a peer review of the assessment of defects at the completion of the project and in turn manage the defect process
  • Complete the final defects list for action  
  • Close out of defects including assessment of defects prior to the expiration of the defects liability period
  • Advise the Funder on regarding release of final retentions held on the project
  • Ensure all paperwork & inspections have been submitted to achieve Statement of Compliance from Councils & Authorities
  • Ensure Land Surveyor has all the relevant information to get to our solicitor’s to submit to the Titles office to effect settlements with purchasers

Infinity Project Construction’s aim is to deliver quality projects for all interested parties in the best timeframe and ensuring the budget is met and it has the level of quality required.